Associates at Global Health Liaisons have experience assessing the preparedness of health facilities to conduct studies around the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (TB). In the process, they participated in the development of infection control checklists.

Infection Control Checklists

There are several checklists available to help monitor and reduce the risk of tuberculosis (TB) transmission. Team member Stella Kirkendale worked on one such list. USAID in collaboration with FHI360 built a simplified checklist. This checklist can be applied in by community health workers to reduce the risk of exposure to Tuberculosis. This is especially significant in those settings with a high HIV prevalence.

Tuberculosis Guidelines

The Consolidated Guidelines on the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV Infection: Recommendations for a Public Health Approach, 2nd edition were produced by the National Institutes of Health. In 2016 WHO implemented similar guidelines.

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