GHL training interviewers

Training Videos

What training will you need to be a member of the Global Health Liaisons Consortium?


  • Orientation video is below. More videos will be posted for Consortium member requirements to inform you about our requirements.
  • Be sure to review and sign our staff manual. Our code of conduct, standards, and communications are captured within that document
  • Once you are on your first project that is longer than 6 months, you will be assigned a company email address. Once received, online training below can be reviewed – see how to set up your phone, forward your company email address, and troubleshoot email issues.
  • Project Training is also be provided in the HUB. Go to the training tab under Project 1 or Project 2. Once you are project approved, have a contract with GHLiaisons and the contract begins, online training will take place before the project begins. Team members are required to attend the training meeting before project start-up. It will be held via teleconference two days after contract signing. Adjustments may be made for staff with difficult internet connections. Send correspondence to  if you have questions during mobilization or have not heard from your project lead.

Introducing our Training Videos

Global Health Liaisons is pleased to introduce our new initiative to raise awareness among our constituents about ways to partner, systems that can benefit their bottom line, and provide that information free of charge. The training videos we currently have posted are for internal training purposes only. However, we are also posting videos on YouTube.   In the next few months there will be several videos. No doubt the quality will improve with time as we learn our way around the YouTube. Stay tuned!