GHLiaisons specializes in the improvement of health systems through the provision of high quality technical services for Research and Program Preparedness, Grant and Contract Management and Data Analytics, and Research, Evaluation and Training.

Why are strong data solutions important for your organization?
  • Improve data integrity
  • Develop tools aligned with project-specific needs, e.g. GIS mapping and electronic questionnaires
  • Remain on the cutting edge with technology-enabled data analytics, collection tools and process management
  • Utilize appropriate analytic approaches (e.g., secondary analysis, missing data treatments)
  • Design databases that allow for both ease and confidence in data analysis
Why is GHLiaisons the right partner for your organization?
  • Bring more than 25 years of experience with scientific data and health information
  • Specialize in data used in international health and development
  • High levels of customer satisfaction (see Testimonials below)
  • Expertise in the Africa, Asia, and South America
  • Incorporate technology to improve data collection
  • Utilize evidence-based and field-tested techniques to ensure best quality outcomes
  • Knowledgeable across a variety of settings: international development, community-based organizations, international governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, global networks and a keen interest in measurement that shows empowerment


We provide a variety of data solution services related to conducting impact evaluations, performance assessments, and site assessments. These solutions include: survey tool development, data collection, mapping, database design/maintenance, and secondary data compilation/analysis.

Capture Support Services

Tool Development

Develop traditional (pen and paper) data collection tools and offer technology-based data collection tools to improve data integrity and reliability. Using ODK and Microsoft platforms, Global Health Liaisons electronic tools are created to conduct surveys and semi-structured interviews, improving data quality.

Data Collection and Fieldwork

Global Health Liaisons has on-the-ground data collection services for our client survey, interview, mapping and focus group needs. Our in-country teams know the landscape and speak the local languages. They are prepared for difficult terrain and are trained in electronic and traditional data collection methods. Our teams understand the importance of data integrity and reliability.


Our mapping products provide visual impressions of programming elements. Social mapping involves exploring connections with “descriptive-mapping” of facilities, stakeholders, connections between implementing partners, and community. GPS mapping services provides a visual accounting of various data points critical to clients.

Database Design/Maintenance:

Develop, clean, and maintain databases in MS Excel and Access. We can also develop custom multi-platform remote systems for healthcare, finance, and patient management.

Secondary Data Compilation/Analysis:

Our team is skilled at compiling and analyzing secondary data sources, including data sets with significant missing data. Our work frequently  involves data missing. This may be due to a crisis, such as during Ebola, or challenges with those responsible for data collection.

“This is brilliant”

During our review of the Global Health Liaisons' results report, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at UNICEF said, “This is brilliant!”

GHLiaisons engages clients throughout the project lifecycle – from conceptualizing the work to dissemination. We believe that by working with our partners we can ensure the project aligns with client goals, incorporates perspectives from the local context, and results in learnings that can be continuously examined for quality improvement opportunities (e.g., systems change, human resources training).

For more information, contact us at information@ghliaisons or +301-920-7818