Moses Sorba, WASH trainer and photographer

Moses Sorba, Nutrition and WASH Educator  and Photographer

Moses Sorba is a health,  nutrition and water sanitation education specialist. He has more than five years of experience as a WASH trainer in Sierra Leone. He has conducted surveys and health education for numerous clients, including UNICEF as a nutrition specialist. Worked as a Water and Nutrition Project coordinator for Child Fund International. Mr. Sorba was in charge of building staff capacity and training.

Mr. Sorba also maintained effective monitoring, supervision, reporting, and communication in the districts in Sierra Leone to ensure targets. He was head of the project for WASH Trainer and Software (social Mobilization) for Action Contre Le Faim. He was also a psychosocial training officer offering first Aid to staff under stress during the Ebola crises. Was the Field community Mobilizer for Nutrition and hygiene promoter districts of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Sorba’s technical area of expertise is in health promotion, particularly in the area of field community mobilization for nutrition and hygiene education. He led a team of enumerators in the field during a country-wide evaluation for UNICEF’s end of project evaluation in 2016.

Mr. Sorba was also the lead photographer for the project. He continues to use his visual talents in his work providing WASH support in numerous districts of Sierra Leone including:



  • Bo
  • Moyamba
  • Kailahun
  • Bombali
  • Koinadugu
  • Kambia
  • Freetown
  • Makeni

Mr. Sorba is working on a Master in Human Health, Diet and Nutrition at Atlanta International University. He is currently being groomed to work internationally as a WASH trainer for Global Health Liaisons. He is located in Sierra Leone.

Languages English, Sierra Leone Krio, Mende and Temne


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