Ishaka Health Plan (IHP) is a Ugandan Private-Sector Community-Based Health Microinsurance Plan

IHP leadership has engaged GHL to improve organizational structure, increase community involvement, and achieve measurable improvement.

GHLiaisons team members have worked with IHP  since 2002 on a variety of research and evaluation projects. GHLiaisons provided technical assistance to senior management, board leadership, and staff through training and organizational development activities.


  • Conducting program evaluations to build better health microinsurance marketing strategies
  • Expanding organizational structure and program management strategies
  • Engaging community in program planning
  • Developing electronic tools for client identification
  • Training staff in standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Assessing a health center

GHLiaisons trained IHP staff in the development of standard operating procedures for staff, which led to improved efficiencies. The development of SOPs helped to address challenges the organization faces when skilling-up new workers in times of staff turnover.  Development and implementation of a database improved the tracking of community health plan clients. It expedited activities when plan members arrived for payment or to obtain services.

Community surveys led to improvements in services provided by the health plan, identifying opportunities to expand services. Focus group discussions with chairperson leaders in the Bushyenyi district, led to improved client satisfaction and long-term member community involvement in the roll-out of IHP programs.

GHLiaisons is currently evaluating their newest acquisition, the Akashanda Clinic, with the goal of helping IHP provide better services and increasing capacity to serve the community.

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