Consultant On-boarding

Start-Up Resources for Consultants

Thank you for your interest and welcome to Global Health Liaisons Consortium! You have probably read our Work with Us page. We are excited to have you join our roster. If you’ve reached this page, you have reviewed our requirements and registered to join the, and are ready to finalize the onboarding process. We have created this page to automate our documentation needs. As a consultant, you should become familiar with the forms and documents we need in order for you to work with the Consortium.  Although you are on our database roster, we still need these additional documents before we can include you during the business development phase.

Take a few minutes to review the following links to the start-up documents you need to finish the onboarding process. Once these are completed and received, you can be considered for any Consortium projects or proposals.

Establishing a Working Relationship

In order to establish a working relationship, there are several documents we need from you.  The following documents are for you to read, sign and return. Send all documents to Please send them in one email, if possible.


  1. MASTER SERVICE AGREEMENT  Provides an umbrella agreement so we can quickly execute specific project scopes of work
  2. MUTUAL NON-DISCLOSURE FORM Confirms GHLiaisons and the consultant will maintain discretion and will not disclose business details.
  3. STAFF MANUAL V7  Ensures that you are aware of, comfortable with, and agree to abide by the GHL policies, procedures, and standards. (Keep the manual to reference policies and procedures)
  4. BIO-INSTRUCTIONS  – Your bio will be posted on our website during the proposal writing phase of a project for prospective clients
  5. PHOTO – To be placed on our website, this should not be a low-resolution image or cut out of a larger phot0.
  6. CV SAMPLE – All resumes are put into the GHLiaisons format for proposal submissions. A picture may be included on the resume.
  7. TRAINING – Don’t forget to check out our training videos.
  8.  PRICING – Consultant Pricing Checklist


GHLiaisons has a set rate sheet for all staff and consultants. Send an email to obtain the most current Consultant Pricing Page, which provides standard rates for various consultant categories. This document is updated annually with new listings created as the need for new positions arises. For example,  you may be a level 1 researcher on one project and a level 2 on another, depending upon project need.  This will be agreed upon in advance, of course, but is based solely on client need and your interest in participation at that level. Secondly, if you don’t see your position/title listed, it means we have not yet billed for that category/title, or further research is required to determine the competitive rates. Rates are then negotiated with affected consultants. So let us know if we need to add a category with an explanation of why it should be added.

Daily rates are calculated as 8 times the hourly rate, e.g. 8 x $50=$400 for short-term intermittent projects (3-6 months). For long-term full-time monthly rates are calculated annual market rate divided by 12 months.  If you do not see a fitting job title listed on the rate sheet, it has not yet been vetted and market research conducted. Inquire about updates at


The Consortium will only work if we support each other.  So, follow us on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Increase your visibility using social media. 

On LinkedIn, we ask that you indicate your connection to the Global Health Liaisons Consortium at Our LinkedIn site. To add your name to our LinkedIn Roster, follow the instructions below.

Also, you can increase our visibility by following going to your bio on the website when it is posted and public sharing to YOUR Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

  1. Click the  Me icon under your picture at the top of your LinkedIn page.
  2. Click View Profile.
  3. Scroll down to the “Experience” section and click the  Plus + on the right.
  4. Click into the “Title” and add Consultant or Associate,
  5. Under “Company” enter Global Health Liaisons and select the company from the drop down menu.
  6. Enter your location under “Location
  7. Under “From” indicate the date you submitted your CV and choose “I currently work in this role” and “update my headline“.
  8. You can choose to inform your network of this addition leave the last button turned on, or you can turn it off so that your change is captured but not announced.

Human Resources
Global Health Liaisons LLC
Mobile (text) +1-301-920-7818


We like to use photographs for a number of things, newsletters, postings and etc. One important photo is your picture. We use consultant photos to highlight team members on our website. It helps you to promote yourself on your social media and it helps our clients ,who are often interested in learning more about our talent when they are considering our proposal submissions. We also may highlight you on the website. A photo will be needed.

Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.