Michael Seelman
Executive Coach

Michael Seelman is a Executive Coach and Trainer with a decade of experience. He is a certified Marshall Goldsmith executive coach who helps executives and other leaders develop new leadership behaviors through a Stakeholder Centered Coaching process. He provides executive and life coaching services to domestic and international clients.... Click the pic for more


Stella Kirkendale, MPH
Lead Trainer and Curriculum Development Specialist

Stella Kirkendale is a public health trainer with skills in leadership complemented by gender-focused experience in global health. She conducts community capacity strengthening, design and facilitation and offers research support to others. Among her many achievements, Ms Kirkendale developed a mentoring and technical training program to build the capacity of civil society organizations in TB control in Indonesia.

Caitlyn Bradburn, MPH
Training Manager and electronic media

Caitlyn Bradburn is a trainer and teacher with a focus on community engagement about public health. She has 20 years of experience as a public health specialist and 15 of those years dealt with global public health. She has also facilitated leadership and health education training in six different countries.

Gail Naimoli, MPH
Curriculum Development

Gail Naimoli has over 25 years of in the field experience of adult education and training. She focuses on design, development, and evaluation of adult education and training approaches with curricula, products that help build individual capacity, and different courses.

Christina Blanchard-Horan, PhD

Dr Christina Blanchard-Horan has been facilitating team discussions and nominal group processes to further program management strategies and business successes.  She has a history of bringing people together and solving complex problems through group discussions... click photo for more


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