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Global Health Liaisons Associates are dedicated to serving women, children, and the elderly, the most vulnerable among us.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO Disaster Guide 2002), vulnerable people are defined by the “degree to which a population, individual, or organization is unable to anticipate, cope with, resist and recover from the impacts of disasters.)  As the majority have experienced setbacks due to COVID-19, common consequences of poverty such as malnutrition, homelessness, poor housing, and destitution add their vulnerability.

Our team members serve remotely and in specialized teams on the ground conducting situation analyses, mid-and end-line evaluations, and quality improvement projects that contribute to improvements in supply and demand of public services. Because our credentialed professionals often live in the countries we serve, we quickly assemble talented local teams equipped to work within the local public health environment and cultural context.  Working with local teams comes with the responsibility of training and mentoring to ensure sustainable quality results.

Using personalized electronic data collection tools, we fashion innovative technological solutions to complex project challenges and find scientifically and technically talented people that contribute to the investigation. Our results offer a strong understanding of program outcomes as well as national, regional, and community perspectives that impact program decision-making.

Global Health Liaisons Associates are dedicated to building better health systems and contributing to the growth of emerging markets in communities with limited resources.  Our teams assess program performances, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact, which leads to improved decision making about services.

Team members have worked with health units, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and research facilities across Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and South America, building research, monitoring, and evaluation capacity. Team members work with, develop and support local workers with on-the-job training.

We facilitate group discussions and provide health education and research learning opportunities to health workers and policymakers who seek to improve access to services for vulnerable people.

Global Health Liaisons provides the following services

Research Program Preparedness 

Data Analytics

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Grants and Contract Management

Research, Evaluation & Training

Web and Graphic Design 

GHLiaisons Associates are located in the United States, India, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, and Bermuda.

Consortium of Associates

Global Health Liaisons is a Consortium of Associates experienced in global health, research, information technology, and design. Each project management plan is designed with the best composition of associates to fit the project.

Team members are vetted by core team members using simple qualitative and quantitative algorithms to identify a good fit for projects.  Our procurement system carefully considers the availability of Associates and needed expertise using our in-house consultant database with more than 100 associates.

Associates contribute to the design of projects in which they are involved in carrying out the project’s mission. Associates have provided services to a wide array of funding entities, including National Institutes of Health (NIH) Division of AIDS (DAIDS), World Bank Health Division, International Monetary Fund Corporation (IMF),  US Agency for International Development (USAID), Department for International Development (DfID),   GIZ Germany,  and the United Nations, and the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (DHHS).

A Modern Business Model

Global Health Liaisons celebrates a unique model of service delivery, providing customized collaborative teams that maximize results and reduce costs. Our consortium model is designed to make us flexible, effective, and efficient so that we adapt quickly in complex environments.

We assemble multidisciplinary teams from our consortium of members to meet the precise needs of each client. The system is designed so that many of our team members work both remotely and in specialized teams.

Because most of our credentialed professionals live in the countries we serve, Global Health Liaisons can quickly assemble local talent equipped to work or build programs, within the cultural context inherent in each assignment.

This strategy communicates the most current information for making informed decisions affecting quality improvement and collaboration.

Our virtual business model keeps overhead costs low and allows us to deliver precisely the proficiencies needed for a particular project. Our agility generally results in more affordable prices than our “brick and mortar” counterparts are able to offer.

Each project is enhanced with in-house electronic tracking for efficiency, fashioned to give clients the ability to review project progress at any time.

Global Health Liaisons ’ unique business model has allowed us to recruit credentialed team members with experience in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean, which means we can quickly establish in-country partners. Global Health Liaisons experience offered includes international health finance, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB projects.

We specialize in accountability/evaluation, survey research, health finance, program preparedness, and data management solutions.

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