National Supply Chain Assessment (NSCA) Toolkit, version 2.0 Zambia Report

National Supply Chain Assessment (NSCA) Toolkit, version 2.0 Zambia


In a sub-contract to Axios International, Global Health Liaisons (GHL) branded the USAID National Supply Chain Assessment (NSCA) Toolkit, version 2.0. USAID  has finalized the update of the National Supply Chain Assessment (NSCA) Toolkit, version 2.0.

The National Supply Chain Assessment is a comprehensive toolkit that assesses the capability and performance at all levels of a health supply chain. It can also be focused on a specific level or technical area within a system. The tool offers a capability maturity model (CMM) and key performance indicators (KPI) for use as metrics to assess capability and performance, respectively. The results of the assessment can help supply chain stakeholders develop their strategic, operational, and/or investment plans, as well as monitoring whether activities are achieving their desired outcomes. The NSCA toolkit has been implemented in more than 20 countries.

The results from a National Supply Chain Assessment provide a comprehensive, quantitative picture of both capability and performance of the supply chain. The detailed information provided by the assessment allows stakeholders to validate their qualitative understanding of the “current state“ of a supply chain, highlighting whether a supply chain is under-performing, meeting expectations or exceeding the expected performance for the capability maturity of the system.

Key improvements to the toolkit version 2.0 include:

  • Additional modules to provide more comprehensive coverage of supply chain functions, including cross-cutting areas;
  • Objective and replicable capability maturity scoring;
  • Additional KPI metrics;
  • User-friendly electronic and paper data collection forms and tools.
  • Automated data analysis and data dashboards;
  • Multiple reporting templates oriented towards different audiences; and
  • Public availability of the full toolkit for all stakeholders.

The NSCA was updated under USAID’s Global Health Supply Chain Program – NSCA Task Order, implemented by Axios International. We thank the many global health stakeholders – including donors, technical partners and country governments – who provided critical input and comments on the toolkit.

After reviewing the website and toolkit, feel free to reach out to USAID ( or the Global Health Supply Chain – Procurement and Supply Management Project ( for more information.

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