Climate Leadership Training

GHLiaisons provided a Travel Scholarship to Associate Stella Kirkendale for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in Atlanta March 14-16, 2019. This event is about bringing inspiring people together. Their mission is to empower attendees to act on the climate crisis – and who better to lead this training than passionate individuals committed to creating meaningful change. Trainers will include business leaders, policymakers, scientists, social justice activists, community leaders, academics, and many others. They will lend their valuable expertise to help us train new Climate Reality Leaders.

The climate crisis is also a global health crisis, a security crisis for nations around the world and a threat to the global economy – all of which affect the most vulnerable disproportionately. Extreme weather, infectious disease, and water and food scarcities are taking tremendous tolls on the health of people, communities and economies all over the world.

 But we have hope – from renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, there are solutions today to solve the climate crisis. GHL Associate Stella Kirkendale will attend a training held by The Alliance for Climate Protection / The Climate Reality Project in Atlanta in March. During the three-day event, she will learn about the climate crisis and solutions from Founder, former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, and a diverse set of climate experts. The workshop is intended to empower activists to educate others and inspire action, build skills in communications, leadership and coalition building. Upon completion of the training, Ms Kirkendale will become a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a global community of activists who are committed to fighting the climate crisis, the fossil fuel agenda and accelerate the renewable energy revolution.

The training is in Atlanta, March 14-16,

We at GHLiaisons strive to build global capacity a step at a time. We are happy to support Ms. Kirkendale on her journey to leadership through the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.


Stella Kirkendale Global Health Liaisons

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