Dr Brian Agbiriogu, MBA specializes in health infomatics and system change

Dr Brian Agbiriogu, Infomatics and clinical care logistics for supply chain mangaement

Dr. Brian Agbiriogu is a medical doctor who has an MBA in Global Business and advanced data use and visualization.  His integration of clinical medical experience with health informatics and public health was borne out of the realization that health informatics/public health/data-driven approaches to health problem are usually effective.  Systemic and data-driven approaches to public health efforts complement clinical care. They also improve efficiencies, reduce waste in healthcare/health service delivery. They are also more sustainable.

Dr. Agbiriogu previously held the roles include head of Monitoring and Evaluation for Chemonics International and  Senior Health Informatics Advisor for Family Health International 360 (advancing data use and visualization); with FHI360 heprovided strategic information support that encompassed health informatics and M&E. He has conducted numerous assessments, such as those involving HIV care and treatment electronic medical records (EMR). Also included are performance analysis on the functional and non-functional requirements. Dr. Agbiriogu has performed clinical, health system, and programmatic audits for HIV, TB & Malaria Global fund grants in many developing countries for the Global Fund-Office of the Inspector General, Chemonics International, and  Montrose International. He was also previously the director of health informatics at Baltimore City Health Department (Maryland, USA).

Languages English and French, with some Portuguese


Supply Chain Team

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