David Jamieson

David-Jamieson supply chain management team member

David Jamieson is an experienced public health sector procurement and supply chain expert and has worked for major international development donors and developing country governments for 30 years. A highly motivated self-starter, David was Deputy Director for Program Planning and Global Partnerships with the PEPFAR-funded Supply Chain Management Project (SCMS) and a senior health supply chain adviser for Crown Agents until February 2017.  SCMS managed a major global supply chain of essential HIV/AIDS commodities with an annual procurement turnover of over US$350 million.  SCMS also provided technical assistance in systems strengthening of health supply chains to PEPFAR supported countries and implementing partners.  David designed and implemented the SCMS procurement and supply chain structure, and the latter led the project’s strategy and work planning, and managed external relationships with other donors, partners, and agencies such as WHO, UNAIDS, and UNITAID.

 World of Experience

David Jamieson is a health sector specialist with a strong knowledge of public sector procurement, international supply chains, and market dynamics, specializing in HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and assisting countries to meet their health and development goals. An accomplished speaker, David has presented at many major conferences, seminars, and workshops. He worked for Crown Agents for over 30 years, specializing in developing country supply chains. His work included projects funded commercially, by developing country governments, and major donors such as the Global Fund for AIDS, TB, and Malaria, World Bank, the European Union, DFID, the Government of the Netherlands, DANIDA (Denmark), USAID, UNFPA, WHO, and UNAIDS.



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