Scott Kaiser, GIS specialist

Scott Kaiser, GIS specialist

Scott Kaiser is a Water Resources Planner and Spatial Analyst. He is an experienced urban and environmental planner. Scott has a background in applied applications of GIS technologies to advance sustainable community development and public health initiatives.

Mr. Kaiser brings a context-driven approach to solving complex environmental problems. He has 10 years of experience working on sustainable community development and natural resource management programs across the U.S., Guinea, Mozambique, and South Africa. He deployed GIS technologies to inform policy and programmatic initiatives. His work includes:

  • Policy analysis and research
  • Remote sensing
  • Suitability modeling
  • Watershed modeling
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Scenario modeling and comparisons
  • Geodesign
  • Web map design and storytelling
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Participatory mapping

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Mr. Kaiser led multi-sector spatial development projects across 70,000 square kilometers in Mozambique as a Regional Development Planner and GIS Analyst with Dobbin International. As the project manager and GIS co-lead, Scott was responsible for managing the spatial development planning process, data acquisition, data QA/QC, geospatial analysis, and policy and programmatic development.

He directed multi-disciplinary field staff during field missions and facilitated stakeholder engagement workshops with private, government, and non-government organizations. He has presented project findings to program managers at the World Bank, USAID, Irish AID, TechnoServe, The Nature Conservancy, Rio Tinto and others.

Most recently Mr. Kaiser has experience in the water resources sector as coordinator of the Potomac Drinking Water Source Protection Partnership—a partnership between drinking water utilities, local, state, and federal agencies to protect metropolitan Washington’s drinking water supply—and the Potomac Conservancy with research and updates to their bi-annual State of the Nation’s River report. Scott has also provided GIS technical services to private and government clients in the natural resource management and renewable energy sectors.

Mr. Kaiser is founder/CEO of Geospatial Planning Advisors, LLC and graduated from the University of Virginia with a master’s in Urban and Environmental Planning where he maintains connections with the university as a GIS adjunct professor.

Countries: Mozambique, Guinea, and South Africa

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