Muthoni Njage

Muthoni Njage

Muthoni Njage is a Public Health specialist with over 12 years experience in global health.  She has experience with international donor-funded initiatives in HIV/AIDS. She also is involved in maternal health, nutrition, and research programs in Africa and Asia.

Muthoni Njage has the ability to tailor her management skills to a variety of different programs and areas.   She values and develops strong relationships with partners and clients.  Her experience includes the provision of overall management of the East Africa office for a USAID contractor.

Muthoni Njage Meets Project Objectives

She has planned, implemented and monitored health projects successfully. Ms. Njage easily applies her expert skills and knowledge to meet project objectives. Projects that are both technical and managerial.  She is also a skilled trainer and is always rated highly by all the people she works with.

Ms. Njage graduated with a Master’s in Public Health from Indiana University.  In addition to being an active volunteer with Lions Club of Nanyuki. She enjoys blogging about food and nutrition issues that impact Kenyans. She lives in Nanyuki, Kenya and works as a public health consultant.


Africa: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Asia: Thailand
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