The Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC) trains researchers, pharmacists, and laboratorians. They provide HIV prevention, AIDS treatment, conducting trials throughout Uganda. The JCRC aims to improve community health through research and training programs focused on HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, malaria, and tuberculosis.  


Joint Clinical Research Centre

JCRC engaged the GHLiaisons team to identify grant opportunities and technical support  throughout the application process. As a result, the organization has pursued and been awarded several of those opportunities. GHLiaisons is currently working to improve JCRC’s application-writing processes – assisting with application development and helping JCRC  develop a plan for cardiovascular disease capacity building.

“We very much valued and benefited from your advice and guidance especially in addressing procedural issues which are not always easy. JCRC has a lot to thank you for and many of our staff are in employment and advancing in their careers because of the projects that you helped us win or supported us to sustain.”Peter Mugyenyi, Director of the Joint Clinical Research Centre in Uganda


  • Support business development – through partnership, and the identification of grant and contract opportunities
  • Provide technical guidance and training to community advisory board for HIV/AIDS studies
  • Improve research operations communication strategies between departments – administrative, clinical, and laboratory

GHLiaisons associates provided research operations technical assistance and evaluation of their research site, while involved in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group research program at JCRC.  Associates advised senior management about opportunities to improve laboratory, clinic, and pharmacy activities. Leading more than 25 research staff training sessions and providing follow-up technical assistance, JCRC received guidance on regulatory requirements, good clinical practices, and research site development. Examples include an evaluation that highlighted the need for improved communication between research clinic leadership and the laboratory quality assurance program. Facilitation of leadership meetings led to improved team assignments for key roles in program startup.

Dissemination of research results to the community is important to JCRC leadership. The community advisory board at JCRC was a small, three-person entity when GHL principal consultant Christina Blanchard-Horan took on the task of facilitating board development. Under her guidance and training, the JCRC community advisory board grew to more than 15 members. They are significantly engaged in advising research activities and disseminating results.


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