Engaging vulnerable communities

Finding creative ways to solve problems using local talent and scientific methods

Web Design and Branding Services

Using WordPress and WIX, we design and update websites. When we develop designs, they are either drawn by hand, or created in the latest Adobe design software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign, Animate... and sometimes a little of everything.

Applying scientific rigor & innovative technology

providing quality research and evaluation services that improve programs that serve vulnerable communities

Assessing, mapping and educating

Engaging communities with participatory research, stakeholder mapping and health education

Creating local capacity

Building in-country research capacity as a strategy to ensure culturally appropriate approaches in research

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Global Health Liaisons (GHLiaisons) is made of a consortium of consultants dedicated to improving access to services for vulnerable people including women, children, and minorities. GHLiaisons builds partnerships with local organizations to identify innovative solutions to research systems and international development challenges for communities of the world.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that strengthen systems and improve access to services for vulnerable people worldwide.

Our vision is that all people living with limited resources have access to quality health and social services.

MDOT and Office of Minority Business Enterprise EDSWOB Certification No. 19-304

GHLiaisons is a small woman-owned and operated business with more than 80 credentialed associates who have experience in infectious disease programs, clinical trial management, community advisory board development, evaluation, and health systems strengthening in the U.S., Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. GHLiaisons’ community engagement experts, and clinical trial and regulatory reviewers have experience ensuring the safety and protection of staff and human subjects for infectious disease clinical trials conducted in more than a dozen countries. Let us help you facilitate your next Phase I, II, and III trial. We have subject matter expertise in areas like HIV-1, tuberculosis, oncology, sickle cell, Hep C, cardiovascular disease, and malaria.

Our site experts have prepared community representatives, clinical, regulatory, laboratory, and pharmacy staff to ensure compliance with contracts, ICH, GCP, GCLP, and the FAR. Our clinical trials team members have trained representatives of the community, building more than 20 Community Advisory Boards at clinical trials sites in the US, Africa, and South America.

GHLiaisons is a virtual consulting firm, designed to engage clients at multiple levels, from remote to in-person meetings our qualitative researchers engage communities to ensure the population where clinical trials are conducted has a voice in the trial being conducted. Communities can provide valuable information about how a study can be ethically conducted in their communities.

“I very much valued and benefited from your advice and guidance especially in addressing procedural issues which are not always easy. JCRC has a lot to thank you for and many of our staff are in employment and advancing in their careers because of the projects that you helped us win or supported us to sustain.”

~Peter Mugenyi,
Director of the Joint Clinical Research Centre in Uganda

If you wish to report a violation of GHLiaisons’ Code of Conduct, please use our Code of Conduct Helpline at codeofconduct@ghliaisons.com.